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Young Carers Futures Hub

Being a young carer can have a huge impact on many aspects of someone's life, including their health, social life, education, and opportunities for employment. In partnership with our network of local organisations, we offer specialist support to help young carers achieve their full potential.


Tackling barriers into employment for young adult carers

A recent Carers Trust survey showed that over 41% of young adult carers worry about their future job chances. Being a young adult carer should not be a barrier to work or getting on in life, however young carers are less likely to go on to higher education or get jobs, compared to others their age without caring responsibilities. Their education can be disrupted, which can mean they often miss out on securing essential qualifications. 

Young carers are 1.5 times more likely to come from minoritised ethnic communities, 38% more likely to be from disadvantaged backgrounds, and 79% more likely to identify as LGBTQ+. In some minoritised ethnic communities, even the concept of being a young carer is often unfamiliar, as supporting family at a young age is deeply ingrained. 


Unlocking futures: empower young adult carers with opportunities

We believe every young adult carer deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. Through our Young Carers Futures Employer Partnership Programme we support young adult carers aged 16-25, turning obstacles into stepping stones.

We are working to create a future where young adult carers' aspirations are not just dreams, but tangible realities within their reach. Our UK-wide network of 126 carer organisations is making this vision a reality, supporting over 38,000 young people to achieve their work goals.


Carers Trust Employability Programme

Hear from young people and employers currently engaged in the programme.

A million reasons to act

With around 376,000 young adult carers in the UK, the potential for positive impact is immense. Employing more young adult carers could help address the UK’s current labour shortage.

What’s more, because of their caring role, young adult carers build up a wide range of skills and attributes that can be invaluable in the workplace. Constantly having to juggle schoolwork with their caring role, young adult carers are natural multi-taskers who are able to prioritise tasks effectively. And because a family member depends on them for their health and safety, young adult carers have a real sense of responsibility and understand the importance of punctuality. These real-life experiences and workplace-transferable skills mean young adult carers transitioning from school into the workplace have something tangible to offer employers. 

You can help us create lasting change that benefits both young carers and your organisation. To learn more about how you can get involved, please follow one of the links below, or contact Daisy Falconer, Young Carers Programme Manager, Dfalconer@carers.org.