Top Tips for Excellent Soft Skills When Employed in a Customer Facing Role

The wonderful staff at The People’s Postcode Lottery’s customer experience team share their top tips for excellent soft skills when employed in a customer facing role:

  1. Smile when answering the phone. Your voice can let them know they are through to someone positive. Listen and understand.
  2. Treat every customer like it's your first of the day! You may have said the information a lot of times but it will be the first time they have heard it.
  3. Ask some open questions- get a little chit chat going, make the individual feel at ease.
  4. If a customer is frustrated or angry, it’s not directed at you even if it feels like that. It's usually the situation they are in or the company they are angry at.
  5. Be passionate about the lottery, show you're genuine excitement for winners and all the incredible charities we support. Take every opportunity to build rapport and leave a great impression of PPL on every call.
  6. Listen to what the customer wants, smile while on calls, be understanding.
  7. Look at their details to start up a rapport. It might say on the email what they do as a job or an unusual name or street name.
  8. It’s okay not to know the answer - just advise them you are going to put them on hold while you get the correct information. Most people are very forgiving if you are upfront with them.