Show your value - transferrable skills for Young Adult Carers

Our partner, Quilter Plc, who support young and young adult carers achieve their future aspirations share their top tips.

When moving on to that next stage of your life, either pursing university or looking for a job, you will be asked to highlight your skills and capabilities and an ability to learn - especially when you are starting out. Your carer responsibilities will be vital to show what you can do, and if necessary to ensure they can support you if and when you need it.  

What could your transferable skills look like?  

Organisation: e.g. Calling the pharmacy, booking appointments with doctors, health care professionals or at your local carer centre.  

Practical: e.g. cooking, cleaning, washing, looking after siblings/ other family members. 

Financial: e.g. shopping, paying bills, managing the household budget. 

Time management: e.g. studying, employment and your caring role.  

Emotional: e.g. listening and talking to someone who is distressed, helping someone communicate.  

Resilience: e.g. you are able to stay strong for the person you care for.  

Soft skills & advocacy: e.g. you communicate with carer centres, support workers or health care professionals.  

Medical and professional: e.g. dealing with professionals, administering or overseeing medication, organising and attending appointments, arranging services. 

Personal and practical: e.g. providing personal care, helping someone get dressed, washed, go to the toilet, or get out of bed. 

Fundraising or volunteering: e.g. you are engaged in your local carer centre, taking part in activities, training or fundraise.  

Show your value - Transferable skills for young adult carers 

You may also want to consider the following as well:  

  • Calm under pressure  
  • Communication skills  
  • Decision making  
  • Empathy  
  • Encouraging others  
  • Financial management and budgeting  
  • Forward planning  
  • Independent worker  
  • Interpersonal skills  
  • Initiative  
  • Listening skills  
  • Managing challenging situations and behaviours  
  • Listening skills  
  • Managing risks and risk-taking behaviours  
  • Meeting deadlines  
  • Prioritising  
  • Problem solving  
  • Stress management  

Activity for you to complete

Write down all the skills and experience that apply to you. This is a good way to start building the blocks of skills - when you're writing a CV or cover letter or even taking part in an interview - remember all the experiences and knowledge you will have gained from your caring role.   

What you need to do next is start puzzling your caring responsibilities all together: e.g. you're great at listening, cooking and are empathic and great at managing finances! 

Tools to explore your skills and build confidence  

1) Create a skills journal:  

A skills journal is a fantastic way to keep track of all the skills you have gained from being a young carer and young adult carer. It will give you a chance to think about what you have achieved and provide you with skills you can add to a CV or cover letter. You can also add all the other things you have experience and knowledge of!  

Make a chart as follows:  

Activity / Description & Skill learn  

2) Write down 3 things that you feel proud of: Skills, achievements, wins, successes and why you felt proud of them. They would be personal and professional and will really build your confidence!  

3) When you have done these things, complete this task 

  • Write a statement about yourself...  
  • What makes you different and unique?  
  • What can you offer that no one else can? 


  • Be yourself - if you don't, why should anyone else?  
  • Show your value - don't be afraid to show them!  
  • Embrace uncertainty - while uncertainty may bring challenges, it also presents opportunities.  
  • Be organised - it is often the differentiator and leaves a very good impression.  
  • Soft skills matter - make sure that you are dependable, presentable, can communicate effectively, deal well with people (customers and colleagues), etc.  

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