To take part in these opportunities you will need to be connected to a Carers Trust Network Partner. If you are currently not, please use our search tool to find your local carer centre.

Job Vacancies

The Body Shop - Customer Consultant (Part-Time)

The Body Shop are looking to bring awesome young adult carers in as customer consultants across the UK! They believe in and are committed to creating a work environment that is focused on open communication, trust, and honesty. The Body Shop’s open hiring approach seeks candidates with specific barriers to employment and would love to provide this opportunity to unpaid carers looking for part-time work. The first to apply is the first to get the opportunity. 

Civil Service - London Vacancies X2

The Civil Service are offering exciting roles specifically to unpaid carers through the Going Forward into Employment (GFiE) scheme. These are great entry-level opportunities for anyone looking to enter or re-enter employment and comes with the benefit of access to a carers network in employment, and no prior qualifications are needed. This is also an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to start a career within the Civil Service and public sector. The current vacancies are detailed below:

Talent Team Delivery Officer, DWP London
Full-time, 12-month contract (with possibility to extend)
Salary: £32,515

Safe Interactions Business Support Officer, DWP London
Full-time, 12-month contract (with possibility to extend)
Salary: £32,515

Deadline: Friday 3rd February 2023

To apply to any of these opportunities please email Annette Tony-Fadipe at atony-fadipe@carers.org to express your interest and you will receive further instructions

Skills & Training

Young Carers Action Day 2023 – Training sessions

Interested in developing your communication skills? We have a series of online training sessions on offer in the run up to Young Carers Action Day open to young and young adult carers age 14 - 25 to help build their confidence and develop skills in public speaking and working with the media.  Please see the dates below, and you can email with your details to sign up.

Our Media Training sessions help young carers understand what the media is, how to engage with journalists and give some really useful practical tips on getting ready for an interview as well as tips for taking part in an interview.  

We also have a Public Speaking Training session to help young adult carers to build their confidence and provide them with really useful tips on speaking publicly – whether in a meeting, job interview or a more formal speech. 

Virtual Zoom Session Date & Time
Media Training Scotland 26 Jan 2023, 5.30 – 7pm
Media Training Wales 8 Feb 2023, 5.30 – 7pm
Media Training England 23 Feb 2023, 5.30 – 7pm
Public Speaking Training 28 Feb 2023, 5.30 – 7pm
To register please email youngcarers@carers.org and state which sessions you would like to attend.


YCAD 2023 Content Submission

Calling all content creators! What does ‘Make Time for Young Carers’ mean to you? We are sharing great content from young and young adult carers in the run up to Young Carers Action Day on 15 March 2023. If you are a young carer with a creative mind, we want to hear your stories exploring the theme of health & wellbeing. This could be in the form of a short video, poetry, a blog post, visual art, or however you choose to express yourself.

Submitting content is easy. You can email your submission to the email below; we can’t guarantee to publish everything we receive but we’ll try to share as much as we can. If you have any questions, please email Michael Smart at msmart@carers.org

Deadline: Monday 6th March

Please send your submissions to youngcarers@carers.org 

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