Interview Tips

Our partner, Quilter Plc, who support young and young adult carers achieve their future aspirations share their top tips.


  • Make sure you have no other commitments.  
  • Find out the format of the interview, e.g., group, one-two-one.  
  • Is a presentation or preparation required?  

Predict the Questions  

It is possible to predict some of the type of questions you will be asked in one form or another: 

  • Read the job description and write down all key skills you can see e.g., team working, communication skills, leadership.  
  • For each skill listed refer to your CV and build your stock of questions by writing the ones you might be asked, e.g., ’Tell me about yourself’ using your own words and phrases. See page 4.  

Research the Company 

  • Knowledge of the company gives an impression of interest, keenness and enthusiasm. 
  • Find additional information on people skills and company needs to anticipate questions. 
  • Is the company right for you? 

This is your chance 

Make a great first impression  

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes early 
  • Smile 
  • Shake hands (if offered) 
  • Make eye contact  
  • Stand and sit tall – don’t slouch  
  • Walk with purpose – don’t be hesitant  
  • Arrive early or on time 

Winning ways  

  • Listen carefully – use active listening skills  
  • Ask them to repeat it if you didn’t quite hear 
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand  
  • Don’t waffle – stick to the point  
  • Be honest – don’t exaggerate or add on something which you did not do 
  • Answer in the first person – ‘I’ not ‘we’ 
  • If you don’t know or don’t have an answer, say so – the interviewer wants to know what you know, not what you can make up 

Remember that you are being interviewed from the moment you enter the interview premises. 

This includes the car park, reception, and everywhere you go thereafter. Each person you meet can be asked for an opinion of you, and this is especially relevant for the person who collects you and takes you to the interview room. Make sure you portray your best self until you get home. 

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