Thank you to everyone who took part in Young Carers Awareness Day on 30 January 2020. It was great to see our resources being used so widely.

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Through the Count Me In! campaign Carers Trust is calling on compulsory education providers to do more to proactively identify young carers and to ensure that they receive the recognition and support they deserve.

We had bright and user-friendly materials to help you in your #CountMeIn campaign on Young Carers Awareness Day. They are all available in English and Welsh and suitable for use wherever you are in the UK.

Count Me In! Campaign Pack for Young Carers to use

This campaign pack includes ideas and tools that will help young carers, education providers and young carers services to get involved with Young Carers Awareness Day.

If you are a young carer, young carers service or education provider, you can request your pack by contacting:

Materials for teachers and other professionals to use

If you have any questions about any of the resources please email Carers Trust.

A poster to help young carers self identify and find out where to get support.

You can add details of your local young carer service to this poster.

A poster to raise awareness of young carers and how professionals can get involved in the Count Me In! campaign

You can add details of your local young carer service to this poster.

Handout on How to Get Involved with our Count Me In! Campaign 

Why change is important, what needs to change and what you can do to help

Young Carers: Who are they? What do they do?

A poster packed with stats about young carers to help raise awareness of who they are and what they do.

Letter templates to help you write to MPs, Members of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members

You can download these letters and use them as templates when writing to your MP, Member of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Member