Being a young carer is a risk factor for the mental health of children and young people. That’s why Young Carers Awareness Day (31 January 2019) focused on mental health. 

What young carers told us

  • Young carers and young adult carer told us how their mental health is affected by the pressures of their caring role. 
  • All too often the mental health support they needed just wasn’t there. 
  • And even when support was available, their situation was often made worse by people or professionals who didn’t understand the specific difficulties and challenges faced by young people as a result of their caring role. 

The message from these young carers to people in a position to make a difference is simple:

What we want to come out of the campaign

  • We want better public awareness the mental health support needs of young carers.
  • We want the public and people who can make a difference - like politicians, commissioners and service providers - to pledge action to help young carers maintain good mental health.

How to get involved with #CareForMeToo

Check out #CareForMeToo for more information and resources to help you get involved, including our resource pack for young carers services.

See our free resources to download and use including lesson ideas and classroom activities for teachers and other professionals who work with young carers. 

Further information

For more information, please email Carers Trust Scotland.