Young Carers Awareness Day 2017 took place on 26 January 2017 and was a UK wide day of recognition for the UK's 700,000 young carers.

Young Carers Young Carers Awareness Day (or YCAD) 2017 was a day where everyone recognised the challenges that young carers face. 

When I grow up

For Young Carers Young Carers Awareness Day 2017, we wanted people to understand how difficult it can be for young carers to realise their hopes and dreams for the future unless they have the right support in place.

So the theme was 'When I grow up' and it was all about helping young carers to achieve their dream jobs or career.

We highlighted how, for the 700,000 young carers across the UK who are caring for their sick or disabled mum, dad, brother or sister, this is impacting on their lives.

Thank you for getting involved

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in Young Carers Awareness Day 2017.

We secured media coverage worth more than £1m on Young Carers Awareness Day and achieved our objective of raising awareness of young carers. BBC Breakfast, BBC Asian Network, Newsround, Sky Sunrise, Channel 5, CBBC, First News and The Guardian covered the story among others, and extensive social media helped engage audiences. The Carers Trust Network ran local events, promoting their services and raising awareness. 

The day helped us form long-lasting connections including with the Minister for Community Health and Care David Mowat who showed his support by visiting Carers Trust in Cheshire (his local constituency) and the Children’s Minister Ed Timpson, who made a widely shared film focusing on what he wanted to be when he grew up. 

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