Young Carers Action Day 2023 Campaign Pack


Help us call on decision-makers to support young carers and young adult carers for Young Carers Action Day! 

Young Carers Action Day is all about raising public awareness of young carers and young adult carers and seeking to bring about change for them and their families.

 To help achieve this, we have put together a campaign pack that will help both Carers Trust Network Partners and young carers/young adult carers engage with local decision-makers, calling on them to show support for young carers and young adult carers.

In our campaign pack:

A template letter/email from a young carer/young adult carer/an individual calling for more support for young carers to their local elected representative

A template letter to be used by a young carers service writing to their local councillor/MP/MSP/MS/MLA to ask them to take action to support young carers and young adult carers

Further information on digital e-campaigning or engaging with your local media

A draft council motion

The template letters will help you to get started, but for the best response do personalise these and add your own experiences and stories. 

What we’re trying to achieve this year

Young carers and young adult carers tell us repeatedly that health and wellbeing are really important to them, but all too often their caring role leaves them feeling overwhelmed. This is particularly the case when they are juggling their caring role with schoolwork.

Young carers and young adult carers tell us that what they really need are:

  • improved support in education and workplaces
  • more access to breaks
  • better access to mental health support, such as counselling or therapy
  • more financial support.

Help young carers and young adult carers campaign to get the support they need!

One of the most effective ways to raise awareness about young carers and young adult carers is to speak with your elected representatives. Depending on where you live in the UK, there’s a wide range of people who may represent you.  

These can include the following: 

 Members of Parliament – MPs (UK Parliament) 

Members of the Scottish Parliament – MSPs (Scottish Parliament)  

Members of the Senedd – MSs (Senedd in Wales) 

Members of the Legislative Assembly – MLAs (Northern Ireland Assembly) 

Elected Mayors and Councillors (Local Government) 

Find out who represents you

Get in touch with them to ask for a meeting or for them to take a specific action to support #YoungCarersActionDay.  

 If you would like any advice and support in meeting with your local elected representatives, please do contact and we will help however we can.