Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance

Who are the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance?

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance (SYCSA) is a network of young carers services across Scotland and one of the National Carer Organisations. The SYCSA is hosted by Carers Trust Scotland. Currently there are 41 members providing direct face to face support to young carers. The SYCSA meets quarterly where it discusses examples of good practice for young carers, national pieces of work and policy development, it also has Education and Young Adult Carer themed subgroups.

At all SYCSA meetings, we welcome guest speakers from other organisations to discuss how we can all work together to support young carers. Being part of the SYCSA also allows services to:   

  • Be able to share knowledge and practice
  • Access peer support
  • Access information, training opportunities and meetings
  • Be consulted on issues affecting young carers/young carers services
  • Have their say through representation at a national level
  • Be supported to implement local and national strategies concerning young carers.

If you would be interested in joining the SYCSA, then please contact Lorna Gibson at or on 0300 772 7701

Statement of Purpose: 

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance exists to provide all young carers initiatives in Scotland with information and support to develop their practice and provide quality services to young carers.  The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance also provides information and advice at strategic level, seeking to influence those developing national policy, guidance and legislation to ensure that the needs of young carers are acknowledged and met.

Here are some videos that young carers from services in the SYCSA made about being a young carer: 

What is life like as a young carer? from Media Education on Vimeo.