Gyro moved into a teaching job

Gyro is an unpaid carer, who with interview training and other support, was able to get back into teaching.

About Gyro

Gyro is a 41-year-old unpaid carer who cares for his son, Johnny. After signing up for the Working for Carers programme, Gyro met with his advisor and explained that his caring role was causing him to struggle immensely. He was depressed and anxious and was receiving little support from friends or family. He was also  stressed by the financial strain his caring role caused and worried about his benefits.

How did Working for Carers help?

During their one-to-one sessions his advisor spoke to him about his career aims and gave him advice on calculating his earnings and benefits. Later, the advisor outlined some career options from which Gyro identified his preferences. Gyro also received help creating his CV and covering letter to best represent himself to potential employers.

Gyro felt that his physical health was a barrier to employment. His advisor gave him ideas for ways to increase the amount of exercise he did in his free time and recommended he saw a nutritionist.

When Gyro was invited to a job interview, his advisor gave him interview training so that he could better understand the interview process and know how to answer typical interview questions.

What was the result?

After a successful interview, Gyro was offered full-time employment in a teaching role. Once Gyro had received the job offer, his advisor recommended some IT courses to help give him technological confidence.

Gyro's advisor also followed up with him to see how he was managing in his new job. When Gyro revealed that he was feeling anxious and stressed becuase he wasn't getting the training he was expecting, his advisor talked him through his emotions and referred him to different information about how to cope with the new situation.

The Working for Carers project not only improved Gyro's  job prospects but his confidence, employablility skills, motivation and knowledge as well. The project also led to changes at home including less difficulty with finances, his caring responsibilities and his health.

“All in all, I found the service brilliant and would recommend it to other carers. I am currently in work now thanks to the service and my advisor’s hard work understanding and dedication.”


Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.

About Working for Carers

Working for Carers ran between October 2016 and June 2023 and was funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund. The project supported unpaid carers in London to move into or closer to employment.