Farshid was supported to find English lessons

The Working for Carers programme in London helped carer Farshid with English lessons so he could get back to work.

About Farshid

Farshid is 33 years old and cares for his disabled wife. All his work experience comes from overseas but he wanted to get into employment in the UK.

Although he had been looking for part-time work for three years, he found it difficult because of his lack of confidence, English language skills, understanding of the UK system and employability skills. 

How did Working for carers help?

After an initial assessment with his employment personal advsier, Farshid opted for group workshops and one-to-one support. He started gaining new interpersonal skills and confidence and also learned English through his interactions and attended free English classes at the local college a few hours a week. 

What was the result?

Farshid started applying for jobs in retail and the customer service sector. After several job applications and a few unsuccessful interviews, he was offered a selling and service partner position in a large department store.

Identities of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.

About Working for Carers

Working for Carers ran between October 2016 and June 2023 and was funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund. The project supported unpaid carers in London to move into or closer to employment.