Our induction

Read about our induction programme at Carers Trust for new staff.

Staff induction programme

Every new member of staff has an induction programme that is tailored to the particular needs of their job by their line manager. During your induction you will learn about:

  • Our vision, mission, values, call to action and strategic priorities.
  • Carers Trust's definition of a carer.
  • Our structure and key information about each directorate.
  • Our network – who our Network Partners are, what they do with and for carers, and how we work with them.
  • Key facts and statistics about carers and caring and where to find more detailed information, plus Carers Trust's key messages.
  • How and why we seek to involve carers in our work.
  • Our websites – what they are and who they are for.
  • Key employment policies
  • Your role and responsibility for health and safety, data protection, and safeguarding.

Every new member of staff has an opportunity to visit at least one Network Partner within the first six months of their employment, to gain an understanding of how Network Partners support carers.