Caring can happen to anyone – three in five of us will be a carer at some points in our lives.

With an estimated 7 million unpaid carers in the UK and a forecast figure of 9 million by 2037, caring is a ticking time bomb.

But unlike causes such as cancer, homelessness or food poverty, the issue remains largely unrecognised by the general public, and even amongst carers themselves.

Take a moment to consider how you would cope if:

  • your wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer
  • your husband had a motor accident and suffered serious brain injuries or
  • your longed-for new baby was born severely disabled

Few of us plan to become carers and, when a caring role starts, carers needs an expert to guide them through the maze of services, rules and entitlements and they need to take a break every once in a while.

Carers Trust and our partner carers' services across the UK help provide this support. We are the largest charity supporting carers of any age in the UK.

We support carers through direct grants and by supporting local services so carers have a place to go for help in their own communities.

Carers in your company

Roughly 1 in 8 workers are carers – so how many carers do you estimate you have in your company? 

Carers Trust will resonate with your employees because a number of them will be carers themselves and, if not, they'll know someone who is. It is important to support carers in your workplace so that they can remain in employment and even progress in their career, alongside their caring role.

People with caring responsibilities can find it tough to work long hours because of their caring role, which may then hinder their chances of progression.

Companies who recognise carers and offer carer-friendly policies are more likely to have happy and healthy staff and – importantly – are more likely to keep them.

Supporting Carers Trust will help your company to meet your CSR objectives, engage your staff and make a real difference to the lives of carers in the UK.

And crucially, it can also help you to demonstrate your commitment to carers in your company, to signpost them to our vital support services and to reduce staff turnover.

Find out more about how to involve your company and how we can support you.

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