Funding for social care in the UK – a Carers Trust Survey for adult carers

Thank you to all the carers who took our recent survey.

Survey background

Our Carers Trust survey is part of a wider campaign we will be running later in the year.  The campaign will highlight:

  • The UK’s broken social care system.
  • The failure of successive governments to properly fund social care.
  • The severe pressure this is putting on millions of unpaid carers.
  • What support carers need so they can continue in their caring role without becoming isolated, exhausted and at risk financially.

Our survey has given us the information we need for our campaign. We will be able to say that we have heard from unpaid carers right across the UK. And that they have told us:

  • What government support unpaid carers need to continue in their caring role.
  • What sort of reform of the social care system will support carers like you most effectively.

Your responses will help inform the future support available to carers from the government. 

Please note, the survey closed on Sunday 18 October.