Visible, valued and supported

carers are all around 
though you wouldn’t know 
for they don’t make much sound 
they don’t make a show 
of what it means 
to have such a role 
as they're not usually seen 
nor is the stress, strain or toll 
that caring can cause 
when they don’t get support 
or any time to pause 
no matter how short 
a moment away from it all 
would help any carer out 
they’d be extremely grateful 
of that there’s no doubt 
as they rarely get time to stop 
keep going when many would not 
they don’t moan, whine or strop 
though things cross their minds a lot 
thoughts about time and life 
whether it’s ever really theirs 
coping with the pain and strife 
like climbing never-ending stairs 
caring for someone they love 
but they also need to be cared for 
no help from those above 
as their role will close a door 
to education, training or work 
‘cause no one understands or sees 
how caring can be a perk 
which is hard for carers to believe 
carers are full of empathy 
sleeves full of many an ace  
so, if their cv is almost empty 
help them to fill that space 
remind them what they know 
and that they haven’t gone unseen 
help them start to show 
the world what being a carer can mean 
show them that you see them 
and the important role they do 
offer help to order mayhem 
they'll forever thank you 
for being that helping hand 
who saw and supported 
and for helping others understand 
that their views have been distorted 

By George Somers