Kate's story

Kate* is 17 years old and cares for her mother, 15-year-old sister and four-year-old brother.

Kate's mother has arthritis and her sister and brother both have autism. Kate herself has ME and has struggled when everything has got too much.

"As a result of my own health and the pressure on me at home I dropped out of college a little while ago. I felt very isolated having to cope with everything on my own with little support."

Despite this, Kate was keen to meet other young people, make friends, get out of the house and begin studying again. Her local Carers Trust Network Partner encouraged her to participate in a range of trips and events including a visit to Thorpe Park and a Christmas meal where she met other young adult carers in similar situations.

"I have made friends with another young adult carer who lives close to me and we are in regular contact and offer each other support."

Kate also met regularly with a carer support worker in a local cafe to chat and offload and has attended courses on first aid, money management and individual resilience.

"As a result of accessing the Carers Trust Network Partner services and activities I feel less isolated, have made new friends and developed new skills and confidence which I didn’t have before. I feel like I am part of something special."

There are many ways you can support carers like Kate. 

* Identities and photos of carers have been changed in the interest of privacy.