Frank's story

Frank, 70 and his wife Enid care for their 40-year-old daughter Catherine who has learning difficulties.

Catherine had an accident when she was two years old which caused a brain injury. Catherine also has epilepsy, problems with her spleen and mobility issues. Enid has trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve condition, and a back problem due to lifting her daughter. Frank has suffered with depression throughout his life.

The family live on a low income and experience significant financial difficulty, including not always being able to heat the home adequately. The family has no savings so when the 15-year-old cooker broke down they had no funds to replace it. The family were awarded a Carers Funds grant of £250 to purchase a new cooker.

Frank said:

"The new cooker will be of great benefit enabling us cook full meals once again without having to use a microwave. I only want to do the best for my daughter".