Supporting carers through the Coronavirus crisis

The Coronavirus crisis has put many of the UK’s seven million carers under even greater pressure than before as they have tried to cope round-the-clock with the physical and mental health needs of the person they care for.

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Unable to get out to the shops or food banks, many have been desperately worried about accessing food and essential medical supplies during lockdown. Arzoo, a 37-year-old single parent, is just one of the carers struggling with the restrictions that Coronavirus has brought.

She has two children, Bina, 12 and 13-year old Jamil. Arzoo is a full-time carer for Jamil, who has autism, Perthes’ disease (affecting his hip joint) and bowel problems. He needs constant care including help with bathing, dressing and management of his challenging and sometimes violent behaviour. The family live in a flat with no outside space and this year, financial difficulties have made things even harder. So we didn’t hesitate to award Arzoo a grant of £300 from our Carers Emergency Fund towards a laptop.

“It will enable my children to do their homework and me online shopping, relieving the need for the stressful visits to the shops.”

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to help 90% of carers who applied for our Carers Emergency Fund, giving grants of over £131,000. We can’t thank you enough for making a difference to carers’ lives.

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