Fundraising Ideas

Whether you want to bake or bike, sell or celebrate, take up a new challenge … or give something up, there are so many things you can do to raise money to help change the lives of unpaid carers across the UK. Here are just some of our fundraising ideas to help inspire you.

Fundraising at school

  • Everyone needs a clear out in the spring! Recycle items and raise funds with a bring-and-buy sale. Parent volunteers can run stalls and you can even raise extra funds with a tea and coffee stall.
  • Run a caring-themed art competition across the school with a small entry fee and donated prizes for the winners. Close the competition with an art show and charge a small fee for viewers to enter. You could even ask the children to sell their artwork to their parents for donations!
  • Encourage children, parents, and teacher to offer acts of kindness across the local community. Both adults and, with the relevant supervision, children can carry out simple chores for elderly neighbours, friends, family and even the local nursing homes for a small donation or sponsorship from family and friends.

Fundraising at work

  • There are so many things you can run a sweepstake on – from sports events to the weight of the baby. All you need to do is decide the entry price and how you will split the money between the winner and Carers Trust.
  • Having a doughnut day (or any cake day!) sounds like a delicious way to raise money. Many retailers will offer discounts on products if they know that they are going to be sold for charity. Krispy Kreme offer discounted dozens to help you raise funds.
  • With everyone starting to return to the office, why not hold an office scavenger hunt to raise money while encouraging people to enjoy being together again. Each person should donate to participate in the hunt, and you can offer team or individual prizes. Then simply distribute clues inside and out to lead them to the items they need to collect!
  • Get out and about - and get fit and healthy! Create a one-off or long-term fitness challenge to get people focused on health and well-being as well as working hard. An excellent route to employee well-being this might be training for and completing the London to Paris bike ride, walking from Lands’ End to John O’Groats or even just running a month-long plank challenge.
  • Match funding (or matched giving). Many businesses will match the money employees have raised for a charity. Some offer this on a pound for pound basis while others will specify an amount they are prepared to give. Often, employers who offer match funding will donate based on the number of hours an employee – or their family – have worked for a charity. So keep note as you are running your event, or running your marathon, and ask your employer about it!

Fundraising in your local community

  • Quiz nights are a chance to get the community together for an evening of fun. You could create a local themed quiz and sell tables for teams, offer supper boxes for an extra donation, and get the prizes donated by local businesses.
  • An auction of promises is always a fantastic way to raise money as it gives people the opportunity to bid for things they can’t normally buy. A cake baked by the best amateur baker in the village? A unique poem written for you? Your car washed every weekend for a month? You can run an auction of promises as part of another event or even virtually.