Facebook Fundraising

Facebook fundraising is a really popular way to raise money for charity and gives you an easy way to reach out to family and friends, show them what matters to you and ask for donations on special occasions and important dates.

Any time of the year - whether it’s on your birthday or on significant holidays such as Christmas or Chinese New Year - you can use Facebook Fundraising to offer friends and family the chance to donate to Carers Trust in your name. In fact you can use Facebook Fundraising whenever you like to raise donations, be it the anniversary of an achievement, a wedding, or even the birth of a child!

You could also join or start a Facebook fundraiser challenge to raise money. These are usually fun activities, like running or doing push-ups, and are great ways of raising money for charities. You’ll see existing challenges in your feed, can join from there and start your own fundraiser for Carers Trust to join the challenge.