The difference a Carers Trust grant makes

Access to Carers Trust grants enables Network Partners to provide often life-changing awards to the carers they support.

Thanks to our generous donors, in 2022/2023 we awarded £3,820,380 in grants across the UK to support 16,849 unpaid carers.

£519,023 was awarded directly to 2,370 unpaid carers including grants towards the purchase of washing machines and dryers, beds and bedding, holidays and time away from caring, items and services supporting digital inclusion.

There were 45,039 young carers and young adult carers were directly supported across the UK.

Working with Carers Trust local carer services which submit the applications on behalf of unpaid carers, carers of all ages have been supported, whether they need a household item such as a bed, a break, or the chance to join in support activities with other carers.

Participating in these projects allowed unpaid carers to benefit from peer support, as well as expert information and advice provided through their local Carers Trust Network Partner.

For many carers, a small grant can make a big difference

"The small grants for carers that we can offer as part of being a Network Partner of Carers Trust are massively important to us and make a real difference in the lives of the carers we help support.

Thank you Carers Trust and thank you for all of the organisations that make those small grants possible. Whether it is a washing machine, a tumble dryer, a weekend break or a trombone. They improve lives and make a difference.

- Michael Rich, Chief Executive Officer at Barnet Carers Centre

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