The difference a Carers Trust grant makes

Access to Carers Trust grants enables Network Partners to provide often life-changing awards to the carers they support.

Thanks to our generous donors, in 2020/21 we awarded £4,377,823 in grants across the UK to support 33,744 unpaid carers.

£567,239 was awarded directly to 2,160 unpaid carers including grants towards the purchase of:

  • 314 washing machines and dryers.
  • 266 beds and bedding.
  • 238 holidays and time away from caring
  • 206 items and services supporting digital inclusion.

1,933 unpaid carers in urgent need received a Carers Trust Emergency Fund grant of up to £300 from May to July 2020.

Working with Carers Trust local carer services which submit the applications on behalf of carers, carers of all ages have been supported, whether they need a household item such as a bed, a break, or the chance to join in support activities with other carers. Participating in these projects allowed carers to benefit from peer support, as well as expert information and advice provided through their local Carers Trust Network Partner.

For many carers, a small grant can make a big difference

“ The carer did not know that there there organisations out there who support carers like himself prior to registering as a carer and had battled on alone not knowing where to turn. He is immensely grateful for the help the grant will provide.”

Information and Advice Worker who helped an unpaid carer apply for a £300 Carers Trust grant for a new fridge freezer.

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