The Welsh Youth Parliament is comprised of 60 young people (aged 11-18) from Wales and gives Welsh young people a new way to have their voices heard at a national political level. It will empower young people in Wales to raise and debate the issues important to them.

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In addition to the forty members (young people aged 11-18) who have been elected directly to serve as in the Welsh Youth Parliament, twenty people have been elected by partner organisations.

These partner organisations have been selected to ensure that the members of the parliament represent a diverse range of young people in Wales and the many and varied interests and issues that they would like discussed and addressed.

Carers Trust Wales lobbied for carers to be recognised as a specific group whose interests needed to be represented within the Welsh Youth Parliament and was chosen as a partner organisation.

As a partner organisation we have elected and returned two young carers, who will be supported by input and feedback from our new Welsh Youth Carers Council, to the parliament.

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