Children's Sports Day

When the mini Olympics idea was mentioned and I knew I was going to be a part of it, it was very exciting to be able to get involved in something new and that can help the young carers. After doing youth clubs with the children and to see how remarkable they are and what they do for every day life it’s really nice to be able to put on an event specifically dedicated to them, to enjoy and look forward to. 

I think the children will be ecstatic about the event. It’s something for the young carers and their families to look forward to. It gives them quality time and to do something fun and different.

The event is full of fun filled activities for everyone to get involved in and workshops on mental health which many young carers or their cared for will suffer from. I think it will be positive that they can find out information for different organisations and support groups that are available. It’s so important that people are educated on mental health, understanding why they feel the way they do sometimes may help they feel less alone. 

There will be questionnaires to be filled in at the begin of the event. This will show how they were feeling before the mini Olympic activities and workshops begin. There will be another one once they’ve finished the mini Olympics and mental health workshops. Exercise has proven to succeed in making mental health and well being progress to be better. Hopefully this will show through the questionnaires at the event, and also encourage the children and families that exercise is so important as it can have such a positive outcome for many people. Exercise has so many positives and more people need to be aware of the impact it can have. Along with the mini Olympic activities and the workshops I think it will be a brilliant day and the children will feel on top of the world at the end of the day. 

Not every young carer has the same opportunities because of their caring role, and if we can help make a difference to that then will be the best outcome.

I am looking forward to the event and can’t wait for everyone to have a fantastic day. 

Lucy Griffiths - Project Support Officer