Carers save the Welsh economy more than £8.1bn a year. They are a major asset within the health and social care system, partners in the provision of care and experts in the delivery of care.

Carers Trust Wales recognises the importance of listening to the views and experiences of carers and making sure that decision-makers, at all levels, understand the importance of better supporting carers and carers services.

It is essential that carers are provided with good quality services for themselves, in particular breaks and emotional support, and that they should not be disadvantaged as a result of delivering their caring activities.

Too many carers are facing ill-health, poverty and isolation as a result of their caring role.

Carers Trust Wales works with our Network Partners to make sure that carers have a voice in the decisions that matter most to them. We do this through influencing decision-makers and making sure that carers and the professionals that work with them, have access to information about their rights.