The Triangle of Care is a project based on a guide developed by carers.

Female carers laughing

The project works with mental health providers across England to look at how they can implement the six key standards that will see carers included, informed and better supported when they are caring for someone with a serious mental health problem.

The original guide was designed for inpatient services but has been revised to meet the needs of all mental health services. The success of the project has seen over 50 mental health providers in England getting involved in the project.

More information on those organisations involved and resources available can be found on the Triangle of Care page on our site for professionals.

Meeting needs of carers of people with dementia

Since the launch of the original Triangle of Care, Carers Trust has worked with the Royal College of Nursing to adapt the guide to meet the needs of carers of people with dementia when the person they care for is admitted to a general hospital.

The new guide: Triangle of Care, Carers Included – Best Practice in Dementia Care has been developed in partnership with carers, people with dementia and professionals to address this particular field of health care.