Young adult carers are disadvantaged in their education, employment and wellbeing.

These reports present evidence on the impact of caring unpaid for a family member or friend on the lives of young adult carers, using research carried out by the University of Nottingham. It represents the first large-scale survey of young adult carers aged 14-25.

Key findings are that young adult carers:

  • Miss or cut short multiple days of school, college, university or work each year because of their caring role. 
  • Have higher rates of poor mental and physical health than the average young person. 
  • Rarely receive the assessments they are entitled to, with only 22% of those surveyed receiving a formal assessment of their needs by the local authority. 

These reports include recommendations for local and national policy-makers.

You can also read more research from Carers Trust in reports on young adult carers at school, college and work.