How Working for Carers can help carers

Community Fund, European Union European Social Fund

Through Working for Carers, carers can access free employment support, delivered in their local area in London.

This may include one-to-one support and advice, workshops and group activities, support with writing CVs and interview techniques, help with job-searching, and access to employment, volunteering and training opportunities. Carers can also access financial support to address specific barriers to finding employment, for example help with travel costs, replacement care or clothes for interviews.

How is Working for Carers funded?

The project is funded for six years by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund. It is being delivered between October 2016 and September 2022.

Where is Working for Carers being delivered?

We are working with Network Partners (local carer services) to deliver the project across all London boroughs. Four have a lead role in delivering the project (hub partners):

  1. Camden Carers Service
  2. Harrow Carers
  3. Carers Lewisham
  4. Redbridge Carers Support Service

What kind of help can carers get from Working for Carers?

Employment Personal Advisors, employed by the hub partners, work directly with carers, assessing their needs and supporting them to develop an individual action plan. The advisors assess the carer’s holistic needs, not just focusing on employment, and refer participants to specialist support as and when required. Examples include support around health and wellbeing, and support for carers with English as a second language.

Most employment support is provided on a one-to-one basis, including reviewing CVs and support with job applications. However, hub partners also organise workshops, one-to-one training and peer support activities. The non-hub partners refer carers to the project and support delivery in local communities, for example providing venues and making links with local employers and other partners.

Carers Trust also reports on journey-related outcomes, including carers who have volunteering opportunities, carers who receive peer support and those referred to external support agencies. There are impact outcome measures, for example, carers reporting improved confidence, improved knowledge/skills, a proactive approach to looking after their health and wellbeing and improvements against their project plans.

The Working for Carers partners work with partners across London to promote flexible-working and policies and practices to support carers in the workplace.

How is Working for Carers managed?

  • The Management Team (Project Managers at the four hub partners and the Working for Carers Programme Lead at Carers Trust) is responsible for the operational delivery of the project, and meets on a monthly basis. 
  • The Steering Group consists of senior representatives from all hubs and meets quarterly to oversee delivery.

What partnerships is Working for Carers building?

The hub partners are building relationships with employers and other local organisations, including local councils, Jobcentre Plus offices, and community and voluntary organisations. Working for Carers has also made links with the Employers for Carers project at Carers UK and Working for Carers in Wiltshire (a project working with employers). Carers Trust corporate partner, Deloitte LLP, has run workshops for Working for Carers participants on setting up a business, employability skills and mindfulness.

Date revised: 16/06/2020