Stories from carers

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Hear from carers who've been supported by Working for Carers

If you’re thinking of joining our Working for Carers programme read the stories from other carers who’ve taken part so far. 

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“I feel positive that a project like this exists. It is good for someone like me who has cared for many years and now wants to get back to work. It is not just about getting any job, they are supporting me to change career.”


  • Louise was supported back to college.
  • Heather went back to work.
  • Peter was helped to get the right qualifications.
  • Arjun gained experience volunteering.
  • Farshid improved his English language skills.
  • Janet brushed up her interview skills.
  • How Working for Carers helped Alex
  • Lauren went on a counselling course.
  • Simon gained skills via voluntary work.
  • Malcolm rediscovered his passion for the creative industry
  • Christine used her caring skills to get work.
  • Harini developed her confidence.
  • Kirsten was supported to juggle work and caring.
  • Suzanne was able to identify her transferable skills.
  • Mary gained in confidence and got a job as a care assistant.
  • Angela was supported to enrol on a chaplaincy course.
  • Jane was helped to become self-employed.
  • Tanya discovered a new path to working as a security officer.
  • Alex sharpened up his CV and got back into retail management.

Further information

Find out more about the free Working for Carers service in London and how it can support carers.

Working for Carers is led by Carers Trust and delivered by its network of partners (local carer organisations) across London. Working for Carers is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Date revised: 04/06/2021