Time to think about you

The Health Innovation Network and Carers Trust have worked with carers to develop Time to think about you. It can help you think about how you're feeling and whether you want to get in touch with your local carer service or GP for some support.

If you're not sure if you're a carer or whether you need support, see if any of  the Time to think about you questions apply to you, or to someone you know. If they do, you might want to contact your local carer service or make an appointment to talk with your GP. 

Time to think about you prompts

  • Do you feel you do not have enough time for yourself?
  • Has caring stopped you from doing what you enjoy?
  • Has caring made it difficult for you to work or do whatever else you have to do?
  • Is your own health affected as a result?
  • Do you feel unable to cope?
  • Do you feel you are under too much pressure?
  • Do you have no one to talk to about your concerns?
  • Do you feel low?
  • Are you sleeping poorly?
  • Are you not eating properly?
  • Are you tearful, angry and/or anxious?
  • Do you have concerns about your own memory?

If your answer is yes to any of these, you can visit your GP or your local carer service for support.

Download the prompt card

You might want to download the Time to think about you prompt card and see if any of the questions apply to you.

Time to think about you

The card includes a slip that you can hand in to your GP and/or your local carer service.

If you work with carers

There are also other versions of the prompt card and a larger poster to use if you work with carers and you want to print out lots of copies to hand out: 

Time to think about you (A3)

Time to think about you (A4)

Time to think about you (4 to a page)