Take part in an event

Taking part in event is a great way for you to raise funds for Carers Trust with your friends and family – and have fun at the same time! 

Join an event

There are loads of opportunities to join an event organised or supported by the Carers Trust.

You might choose to run the TCS London Marathon as part of the Carers Trust team or – if 26 miles isn’t your distance – choose from hundreds of other running events across the country.

Official events don’t have to be exhausting! Our annual Christmas Concert takes place in early or mid-December so there is plenty of time to get a group of friends together for an evening of beautiful music in London during the Christmas period.

Run your own event

Organising your own fundraising event is a brilliant way to bring people together from your community and raise money, all while building awareness of the Carers Trust.

Let your imagination run wild and create an event that people will remember or do something small but meaningful.

From pub quizzes and bake sales to neighbourhood car wash weekends and school non-uniform days, we’ve put together just a few of our favourite fundraising events, but the best ideas always come from you, so get thinking!

Great events you can run yourself

Golf days – Hold a golf day with friends or family, take on s sponsored golf challenge, or decide as a group that you will pick us as your charity of the year. There are so many ways that you can raise money to support carers around the UK while you enjoy playing golf.

Coffee mornings – Always popular, and always easy to organise, a morning (or afternoon) get together for coffee and cake can now happen in person, or even stay online for the remote or vulnerable. Ask everyone to donate to join in and bring a cake or little prize. If you are introducing new friends, you can even run easy 50p games such as a handbag scavenger hunt, or chat bingo, to break the ice and get the conversation flowing!

Tabletop sales – These new-style jumble sales are an incredibly easy way to run an event and raise money. Simply book a venue that has lots of tables, ‘rent’ tables to sellers for a flat donation, and get the word out to as many buyers as possible through posters and social media.  The more people that come and buy, the more successful your event and the more you will be able to run in the future. Have a table selling tea and cakes and sharing information about Carers Trust to raise awareness and some sellers may even donate a portion of their sales to Carers Trust. 

We know from the fantastic fundraising that goes on around the UK for Carers Trust every year, that anything is possible and every single event counts.

Get ready for your event

Collecting contributions online is a safe, secure, and simple way to raise sponsorship and donations for your event. You can easily set up a JustGiving page and any money raised is sent directly to Carers Trust. If you’d rather gather sponsorship yourself - or have friends who want to donate cash - we can provide sponsorship forms and collecting tins. 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you read our tips for raising money safely before you get started.

We are here to help

Carers Trust can provide everything you need for your event including t-shirts and banners.

Whatever your event, you can count on our support. We can even help you come up with ideas! Just contact us at fundraising@carers.org or call 0300 772 9600.