Support our Summer Appeal

This summer, we're asking for help to support older carers, who are experiencing isolation during the COVID-19 crisis. Carers like Derek, who cares for his wife Marjory since she was diagnosed with vascular dementia last January.

“Every moment is so precious. I know I will lose her one day, but I want to do my best and keep a smile on my face for her.”


When we first met Derek, he was on the point of complete exhaustion; he had been sleeping in an armchair for 6 months. To begin with, he wanted to ensure Marjory was comfortable but recently, he had no choice as she had become incontinent.

In recent years, their modest savings have dwindled as Derek put Marjory’s needs first. We could see that Derek needed help in many ways but we prioritised a goodnight’s sleep by giving him a grant for a bed. The impact was dramatic:

“I cannot put in words what a difference a good night’s sleep has made to me. Thank you.”

We have also given him information about how to claim the benefits he deserves as a carer. We know that getting the right type of support with day-to-day tasks and help with the added costs can make a huge difference.

 “I feel I can do the best for my Marjory now with the support of Carers Trust. That means the world to me.”

This year, carers are even more in need of support due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please help us so that carers like Derek do not become overwhelmed and overlooked. Your gift will be truly appreciated.

How your donation could help a carer:

  • £25 can give peace of mind, by going towards a counselling session
  • £50 can ease the exhaustion by going towards a new bed for a carer
  • £100 can help carers to cope by going towards urgent repair costs, such as a washing machine that has broken down.

Thank you so much for your support.


*Derek’s story has been adapted slightly and his name has been changed to protect his identity.

Image credit: IR_Stone