The difference a Carers Trust grant makes

Access to Carers Trust grants enables Network Partners to provide often life-changing awards to the carers they support.

Thanks to our generous donors, in 2019/20 we awarded over £1.6m in grants including over £902k to support over 9,200 carers across the UK, including 3,672 young and young adult carers.

With a grant from us, 1,939 carers were able to have a break from caring, purchase goods such as a washing  machine or cooker or learn skills to help them manage the impact of being a carer. A further 7,279 carers were able to take part in group trips and activities, enjoying the chance to take time out and make new friends.

Our agile grant making meant that in March 2020 we also quickly put in place plans for a Carers Emergency Grant to tackle hardship caused by COVID-19.

Working with Carers Trust local carer services which submit the applications on behalf of carers, carers of all ages have been supported, whether they need a household item such as a bed, a break, or the chance to join in support activities with other carers. Participating in these projects allowed carers to benefit from peer support, as well as expert information and advice provided through their local Carers Trust Network Partner.

For many carers, a small grant can make a big difference

Carers like Margaret who is 78 and cares for her husband Paul who has a heart condition, arthritis and poor mobility. She also has to manage all the household chores and finances. The couple are on a low income and have no savings so when their freezer broke down it was the last straw. But Margaret has been supported by her local Carers Trust carer service for eight years and with their help Margaret was able to apply for a Carers Trust grant of £175 for a new freezer.

“The freezer will certainly take a little bit of the strain out of housekeeping every week.”

Margaret’s support worker

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