The difference a Carers Trust grant makes

In 2018/19 Carers Trust awarded £261,187 in grants to support 4,636 carers across the UK, including 671 young and young adult carers. 

  • Our grants enabled 1,331 carers to take a break from caring, purchase an essential household item, or learn a new skill.
  • A further 3,305 carers were able to take part in group events and activities, providing them with opportunities to take time away from caring and socialise with other carers, creating new bonds and friendships. 

Working with Carers Trust local carer services which submit the applications on behalf of carers, carers of all ages have been supported, whether they need a household item such as a bed, a break, or the chance to join in support activities with other carers. Participating in these projects allowed carers to benefit from peer support, as well as expert information and advice provided through their local Carers Trust Network Partner.

For many carers, a small grant can make a big difference

Carers like 59-year-old Abia who cares for her 30-year-old son, Abdel. He has depression and suicidal thoughts. Abia constantly worries about her son – he doesn’t leave the house, has no friends, and shows no enthusiasm for life.

Caring also affects Abia’s own health and wellbeing. She too has a history of depression, as well as arthritis, and is stressed and tired – a situation not helped by having to sleep in a broken bed. Although she works part time, the family struggle on a low income. Her local Network Partner helped Abia to apply for a Carers Trust grant of £250 towards a new bed.

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