Can you help support a young carer this Christmas?

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This year has been really tough for many of us, with the Coronavirus pandemic impacting our lives in so many ways. In a recent survey, we asked young carers how Coronavirus had affected their lives and sadly two in three told us they felt more stressed, isolated and lonely due to Coronavirus.

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Young carers like Oscar, who cares for his dad Mike. Mike was seriously injured in a car accident a couple of years ago. At the age of 11, Oscar was suddenly faced with responsibilities that no child should have, as his dad struggled to come to terms with his new physical disability as well as unemployment.

Your gift today can help us reach and support more young carers like Oscar who are facing challenges at home due to Coronavirus.

Mike called us earlier this year, as he was worried about what his son had to deal with.

“I feel terrible that I cannot give him all that he needs. He loved going to football once a week before all of this. Lockdown is so hard on him, I wish I could give him a good Christmas.”

Your gift could put a meal on the table for a young carer like Oscar at Christmas, whose family are struggling to make ends meet.

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We know the current situation is taking its toll on so many young carers across the UK. With your help, we can make life better for young carers like Oscar this Christmas and beyond. Thank you so much for your support.

Oscar’s story has been adapted slightly and his name has been changed to protect his identity, but it is representative of many carers that we support in the UK. 

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