Bolton Lads & Girls Club

Bolton Lads & Girls Club (BLGC) is an innovative, dynamic and progressive children and young people’s charity based in the Bolton.

Established in 1889, our mission is “to enable children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to live happier, healthier and positive lives by providing somewhere to go that's safe and modern, something to do that is inspiring and engaging, and someone to talk to when they need it the most”.  Open seven days a week, 51 weeks of the year, we provide a vast array of opportunities to improve the lives of our 4,000 active members through universal open access play, youth and sport provision and bespoke targeted services.  We currently operate across four sites, employ around 100 people and have the support and commitment of over 200 volunteers.

What’s important to us?

They provide better opportunities and outcomes for even more children and young people in Bolton. We will provide great places to go, positive things to do, and people that care.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club provides a broad range of services and the funds raised from the Manchester to Melbourne bike ride will help to fund the critical services the club provides for some of it’s most vulnerable children and young people. These include services such as;

Mental Wellbeing Services

The waiting list for a child or young person to access mental health support in Bolton is currently 18 months. There has been a surge in young people struggling with their mental wellbeing – with a variety of complex needs.

The charity is a Safe Zone, meaning any young person in crisis is brought to the centre by the rapid response team for early intervention. The club also provides mental wellbeing support via; Family support services – supporting the families as well as the children affected, Bereavement support for those suffering loss, Teams around the School – Support workers based in schools identifying and assisting young people in need whilst also aiding schools with their mental wellbeing provision, Thrive services -supporting young people with their mental wellbeing via therapeutic interventions and most recently, a Counselling service with dedicated counsellors on hand to support our children and young people.

Young Carers

The club provides a Young Carers service to identify and support young carers in Bolton with their caring responsibilities and the effect this has on them and their family. This is through 1:1 and group work, allowing young carers to have respite and also relate to and support one another where possible.


Bolton Lads & Girls Club provides a Mentoring Scheme, which has been so successful in its achievements, it is now replicated up and down the country. The scheme matches a vulnerable young person with a volunteer, who acts as their role model to help them and support them through a range of issues; this could be for example a child who is in care and does not have a positive, consistent role model in their lives, or for instance a young person with more complex needs who may have suffered from abuse. The Mentoring Scheme has over 100+ children and young people currently matched to a mentor, but has a waiting list of young people to be matched also – again signifying the success of this programme. It really does help change and save lives.