What your gift can achieve

A gift in your will can make sure that no carer has to care for their loved one alone.

Nasr is 71 and lives in Yorkshire. For seven years he has been the sole carer for his wife who has dementia. Nasr’s wife actively contributed to her community, and her illness means her ability to do this has reduced. Watching this change happen over seven years has been hard, and over that time Nasr has felt increasingly isolated.

Nasr reached out to his local carers’ service. He told us: ‘Joining a carers support service is really important, and a very positive step for me and my wife, I feel a sense of belonging. I know families who are struggling to care for their older parents and family members, and I’d like more carers to know there’s help available for them locally.”

A gift in your will can help make sure our local carers’ services can continue to be here for the future generations of carers, so that no carer has to care for their loved one alone.

Why I’m leaving a gift in my will to support the carers of the future

I was watching TV one day and there was a programme about two young girls who cared for their mother who was ill… Children with caring responsibilities have to grow up too soon and take on so much, when they should be enjoying their childhood and playing with friends. I knew I wanted to act as it’s a cause I really believe in.

I decided to leave a gift in my will to Carers Trust, I hope that after I’ve gone, my gift can make a lasting difference to carers and bring some joy to their lives.’

Mrs McDonnell, Sussex

If you have any questions about gifts in wills, please get in touch with Cecilia at cclark@carers.org or 020 3998 9216