Young Carers Awareness Day

Young Carers Awareness Day is a day of recognition for the UK's 700,000 young carers.

Young carer

Disabled Children’s Partnership

As a member of the Disabled Children’s Partnership we're campaigning for improved health and social care for disabled children, young people and their carers in England.

Woman caring for younger woman

Think Carer 2017

During the General Election campaign, Carers Trust supporters asked their candidates to pledge to Think Carer 2017.


Two females talking at a carers event

Carers Toolkit campaign

We're urging Clinical Commissioning Groups in England to use NHS England's Toolkit to help identify and support carers.

Older male carer who cares for his wife

Speak up for older carers

We're campaigning to raise awareness of issues affecting older carers in England.

Young adult carers at university

Going Higher

We want universities to include young adult carers in the group of students that could benefit from extra support.


Fair Start

Carers Trust want the government to give extra funding to schools so they can support young carers to have the same life chances as everyone else.