SYP77 Blog

On the 1st of July, I attended the Scottish Youth Parliament’s 77th National Sitting with my fellow Carers Trust Scotland Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP), Maja. It was such an amazing experience, finally getting to meet all the MSYPs in person. The weekend was filled with laughs, debating and lots of coffee. On the Saturday we were put into workshops, were we learnt debating skills and found out about each other's achievements since being elected. It was so nice to meet people and find out who they represented. Across the Saturday and Sunday there were Members’ Motions. MSYPs can put forward a Motion on any issue impacting Scotland’s young people, which is debated and voted on by the entire membership. If a Motion passes, it becomes SYP policy! Listening to the different Members’ Motions was so interesting, learning about different experiences that young people from different areas had experienced. The Motions included one from fellow National Voluntary Organisation (NVO) MSYPs, Oisin and Charles, about mental health services for care experienced people, which was a delight to listen and learn about.

On the Sunday we went into our committees. My committee is Education and Lifelong Learning. We sat and talked about what we wanted to do to better for the education of the young people of Scotland. It was lovely being able to discuss with each other what our thoughts and views were and how we wanted to go about bringing change during our time together. It was great weekend and it's given me ideas about how to consult with young carers and young adult carers and what me and Maja could focus on for carers. Thank you so much for reading and if you ever want to get in contact just email me at