SYP73 Blog

A Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Sitting happens three times a year when Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) come together to vote on Members’ Motions, participate in consultations and attend workshops. Sittings are a great opportunity for MSYPs to ensure their constituents’ voices are being heard. Although it is a great opportunity to gain skills, it is also a great opportunity to build relationships with fellow MSYPs from all over Scotland. On the 24th and 25th October, SYP held their 73rd National Sitting online. This event included electing the new Board for 2020/21, participating in human rights and anti-racism workshops and debating new policy!

A big part of National Sittings are Members’ Motions. MSYPs can put forward a Motion on any issue impacting Scotland’s young people, which is debated and voted on by the entire membership.  Should they pass, these Motions become SYP policy. Abbie and I both put forward a Members’ Motion and are delighted to say that they passed at this Sitting!  They are:

'The Scottish Youth Parliament believes that in order for young LGBT people to feel represented and included in the media, steps must be taken by local and national media to ensure that LGBT people and characters are not highly sexualised and are instead portrayed in a fairer and more accurate manner.'

Erin Campbell MSYP, Midlothian North and Musselburgh; C-Jay Quigley MSYP, LGBT Youth Scotland; and Abbie Christie MSYP, Carers Trust Scotland. Passed with 89% of the membership supporting it.

'The Scottish Youth Parliament believes Young and Young Adult carers should have the opportunity to access individual, person-centred support during their time in education, especially during times of assessment.'

Aaran McDonald MSYP, Cunninghame North, and Ilse Cuthbertson MSYP, Carers Trust Scotland. Passed with 96% of the membership supporting it.

You can keep up to date on SYP’s policies through their policy log!

This Sitting also included the AGM which is where MSYPs elect their new board!  It was also an opportunity to elect the new Conveners and Deputy Conveners of SYP Committees. Every MSYP becomes a member of one of ten Subject Committees.  These Committees take responsibility for a specific policy area, such as Education, Equality and Human Rights and Culture and Media. You can learn more about SYP Committees and the work they are focussing on here.

I am so excited to have been elected as the new Convener of the Health and Wellbeing Committee. The new SYP campaign was also selected which will focus on the COVID-19 recovery. Over the next few months, Abbie and I will be working hard to ensure your voices are being heard. My focus will be working closely with the Health and Wellbeing Committee to develop our yearly plan, working with the Release the Cap Team and finally ensuring I am an advocate for and represent young carers and young adult carers of Scotland. If you would like to find out more information, share your views or keep up to date with our work, please drop us an email or reach out on social media!

 – Ilse