Scottish Youth Parliament

Carers Trust Scotland supports two Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) who represent young carers and young adult carers, aged 12 – 25, across Scotland. 

MSYPs are democratically elected every two years.  Throughout their term, they will consult with their constituents on key issues, take part in national campaigning activities, sit on SYP Committees and attend three National Sittings per year.  

2021 Elections!

The Scottish Youth Parliament 2021 elections are taking place in November 2021, where young carers and young adult carers, aged 12 – 25, will have the chance to vote for their representatives.

You can explore Carers Trust Scotland candidates here:



Watch this space for our candidates’ campaigns!

Voting will open on 8 November and young carers can vote using a voting code issued by their young carers service! More information to follow!


Ilse Cuthbertson MSYP and Abbie Christie MSYP are strong advocates for young carers and recently, have been working on projects supporting young carers’ mental health, encouraging young carers to identify themselves with their local carers centre/ project and raising awareness of young carers in schools. 

“I stood to become a MSYP because I am a young adult carer and have been for many years. I truly have the passion to advocate for young carers and young adult carers across Scotland. This role allows me to work with different people to ensure young people’s voices are being heard!”

Ilse Cuthbertson MSYP

“Being an MSYP is such a rewarding role and you know that you’re really having an impact on other young people's lives.  My favourite part of being an MSYP is the new friends I have made from all over Scotland. I also get to learn so many new things and take part in more opportunities that I would not have known about.”

Abbie Christie MSYP

Ilse and Abbie are always looking to hear from their constituents! If you are a young carer or young adult carer, aged 12 – 25, you can reach them by email and and follow them on Twitter: @ilsecmsyp and @MSYPAbbieYC

If you would like to find out more, please contact our Youth Engagement Officer Nicola Bell: 

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