Volunteering at our Scottish Young Carers Festival!

Young carers are young people under 18 who provide unpaid care for a family member or a friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.

The Scottish Young Carers Festival provides the opportunity for young carers to meet other young people in similar situations, to have a break from caring and of course, have fun! The event is also attended by key decision makers where young carers can share their experiences, the impact that caring has on them and suggest changes that could make their lives better.

We need lots of volunteers to make sure our Festival is a safe and enjoyable event!

‘It’s an amazing event to be part of and to help run smoothly.’

We spoke with Campbell who volunteered at our 2023 Scottish Young Carers Festival!  Read more about Campbell’s experience below.

  1. When did you start volunteering at the Festival and why?

I first came across the volunteering advert for the Festival on Facebook in 2022. I had previously worked with young people through Scouting and had also spent some time in Fordell Firs, so I thought this would be a really fun volunteering opportunity. Although I had no experience with Carers Trust Scotland before, after reading about their fantastic work I knew this was an organisation I would love to get involved with and support in any way I could.

  1. What are some typical jobs you do as a Festival volunteer?

The different jobs you take on as a volunteer are very mixed which is a great aspect of the role. Between helping out in the catering marquee, supervising the young people during their activities, keeping the site tidy and safe, or just being a helpful pair of hands around the Festival, there are plenty of different roles to keep your days nice and varied.

  1. What is your favourite memory from volunteering at the Festival?

It's hard to pick one favourite memory from volunteering at the Festival, but it was an amazing moment to see such deserving young people having great fun and making new friends right from the very minute they arrived.

  1. What would you say to others who are interested?

The joy, experiences, and escape that the Festival gives to young carers is truly invaluable - it’s an amazing event to be part of and to help run smoothly. The volunteers and Carers Trust Scotland team are incredibly friendly and supportive, so it’s a fantastic environment to be in. After volunteering for my first Festival last year - I wouldn't miss it for the world in the years to come.