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Training resources to help with improving the identification and support of young carers

Resource title: Training resources to help with improving the identification and support of young carers
Published: 2020    Author: Carers Trust

These resources are designed to support the training of a wide range of professionals and volunteers to identify and support young carers.

Key points

  • The Department of Health and Social Care funded Carers Trust to develop these training resources, which support a wide variety of professionals, including volunteers, from:
    • Education, health and social care statutory sectors. 
    • Children and young people’s services including youth workers.
    • Young carer services. 
    • Voluntary and community sector organisations. 
    • Faith organisations. 
  • The resources will help professionals to understand young carers, and how an offer of support can be made to them and their families, to reduce excessive or inappropriate caring. 

About the resource

The training covers:

Module 1  

  • Defining who young carers are and the challenges they face. 
  • Different types of young carer roles. 
  • Nature of tasks that young carers carry out. 


  • A presentation for Module 1.
  • Module 1 - Handout 1 Sample Agenda.
  • Module 1 - Handout 2 - What Kinds of Caring do Young Carers do?
  • Module 1 - Handout 3 What is the Impact of Caring on Young Carers?

Module 2

  • Understanding the extent of young carer involvement: nationally and by area.
  • How you may be able to identify who is a young carer.
  • Understanding young carer issues, and potential barriers to their achievement.
  • Different models for identifying young carers.
  • Barriers to young carers seeking support.


  • A presentation for Module 2.

Module 3

  • Guidance and advice on how to approach an initial conversation with a child, or parent, in an appropriate and sensitive way.
  • Guidance and advice on who else to involve when, and how to involve them in a sensitive manner that is appropriate for the child and their families. 
  • Recognising appropriate safeguarding issues in relation to young carers and guidance on how to address these.
  • Understanding of confidentiality issues. 


  • A Presentation for Module 3.
  • Presentations for modules 4, 5 and 6.

Module 4 

  • Guidance and advice on key local stakeholders to involve. 
    Where to find local support and services to signpost young carers.

Module 5

  • Resource library of tools and templates.

Module 6

Securing commitment from participants to take action.

Other materials to download: 

  • Case Study 1.
  • Case Study 2.
  • Case Study 3.
  • Sample Certificate of Attendance.
  • Young Carers Quiz.
  • Videos About Young Carers.

The training can be delivered in one day, or in modules, for example over a series of team meetings.
Carers Trust worked with four Carers Trust Network Partners to develop and deliver these resources in face-to-face training in spring and early summer 2018 to over 220 people:

  • Carers Support Centre Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
  • Carers Bucks.
  • Northamptonshire Carers Association.
  • Sunderland Carers Centre. 

Please email our Policy team at with any feedback about the materials and let us know how you have used them.