Triangle of Care Celebration Event Presentation

Resource title: Triangle of Care Celebration Event Presentation
Published: 2019    Author: Carers Trust

A presentation from the Triangle of Care Celebration Event which took place on 9 October 2019. The Triangle of Care describes a therapeutic relationship between the patient, staff member and carer that promotes safety, supports communication and sustains wellbeing. 

Key points 

  • How trusts address each of the key standards in the Triangle of Care.
  • Sharing good practice.

About the resource

A celebration event was arranged for trusts currently partaking in the Triangle of Care in order to share good practice and recognise the ongoing good work that Trusts are doing to improve the care of carers.

Trusts were asked to present one of the six key standards and how they met them.

The event also recognised the continued work that Alan Worthington does to promote the Triangle of Care.