Resources To Help GPs Identify Older Carers

Resource title: Older Carers Project - Resources To Help GPs Identify Older Carers
Published: 2022    Author: Carers Trust Wales


Carers Trust Wales have launched a new series of resources, to help GP and primary care staff to identify and support older carers.

The resources consist of a leaflet, a contact card, and a poster, all of which are available both digitally and as printable resources. They have been produced as part of a joint project between Age Cymru and Carers Trust Wales, funded by Welsh Government.

The new assets aim to help GPs access the tools to help their own surgery patients to self-identify themselves as older carers and receive relevant support and advice that is useful for their caring role, as well as their own health and wellbeing. Some resources feature blank spaces to include information about services in your area.

The Hidden Carers survey, published by Age Cymru on Carers Rights Day in 2020, highlighted that “51% of respondents said they have not tried to access support either because they don’t know what’s available, are reluctant to seek external help for either themselves of the person they care for, or don’t have the time.” Such findings demonstrate the need to both inform older carers about what constitutes a caring role or responsibility, and what support is available for those that have them.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries regarding the resources or their functions- contact for more information.

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