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Together: A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers

Resource title: Together: A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers + Caring Within the Family: Starting that Conversation, Together
Published: 2021    Author: Carers Trust Scotland

Carers Trust Scotland is part of an Erasmus+ funded Together: A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers project, with partners based in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy. The project aims to raise awareness of young carers and to support them and their families.

 Key points

  • It is important to encourage open dialogue within families to discuss caring roles and the impact caring responsibilities can have on young carers. Adopting a whole family approach ensures that inappropriate caring does not take place.
  • A whole family approach provides the information and advice families may need, empowering them to seek out the support and services that are available.
  • As a practitioner, adopting a whole family approach supports you in achieving your duty under the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 further. Practitioners can adopt small steps or refer to useful resources to complement the work they do in supporting young carers in Scotland.

About the resource

These resources aim to help young carers, their families and practitioners to adopt a whole family approach, where family members (including the person being cared for) are encouraged to communicate openly about the caring relationship.

Together: A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers

This resource supports practitioners by providing practical steps, guidance and useful resources. It is designed to support and complement the work practitioners already do across Scotland in supporting young carers.

Caring Within the Family: Starting That Conversation, Together

These conversation cards can support families to initiate open and meaningful conversations about the impact caring roles are having on the family. They also signpost young carers and their families to useful resources and services.

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance and members of our Young Adult Carer Advisory Group have helped shape these resources.

Further information

Find out more about our Together European Partnership Project.