The On the Map campaign gathered information about what local councils are doing in terms of finding young adult carers and telling them about their rights to information and support.

Update July 2016: This campaign is now finished - thank you to everyone who took part!

Click on the councils highlighted pink to read what is happening in that area.

Have a look at the area where you live. See if your council has already given us information about what they're doing to identify young adult carers.

Please note: the action to email your local council is now closed.

Many young adult carers have never known what help is available to them, even though their caring role can have a negative impact on their education, their health and their life chances. 

A survey of nearly 300 young adult carers by the University of Nottingham found that:

  • Only 22% have been able to tell someone at the council what support they need.
  • 45% have mental health problems.
  • 56% of young adult carers at college or university were struggling with their course because of their caring role.

We want to make sure that young adult carers are a priority for local authorities and that they are taking steps to help identify and support them.

Watch our video of young adult carers saying why you should support the On the Map campaign: