For six-year-old young carer Hannah, her Christmas list only has two items on it.

Young girl

All Hannah* really wants is some love and affection but since her mother died, she has missed out on hugs, kisses and bedtime stories.

Many young carers are struggling

For the last couple of years, Hannah has taken over helping with the sorts of things her mum used to do as Hannah’s older brother Billy has autism.  Many young carers are just like Hannah, struggling to care for a loved one without any support.  This cannot continue. These vulnerable young people need your help urgently.

Your gift of £50 can help a young carer like Hannah have a happier, more balanced childhood.

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The loss of Hannah’s mother has had a huge impact on all the family and they have had to move to a new town and now live with Andy’s mother who is in her 60s. With Hannah’s dad working all hours to make ends meet, she does her best to help look after Hannah’s brother but she has her own health problems. 

How we’re helping young carers like Hannah

When we first met Hannah, we knew that she needed help urgently. A young child should not be under this type of pressure at home and school. If no support is given, the effects can be so damaging.

I miss my Mummy. Daddy is too tired to read to me. Grandmas always sleeping.”

With your help, we can make the wishes of more young carers at Christmas come true. Please give £50 or whatever you can afford to our Seasonal Appeal.

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Our research shows that young carers really welcome a break from being at home. For Hannah this involves a couple of hours each Saturday where she loves meeting other young carers, playing games and trying a new hobby. In the months ahead, we will continue to support Hannah so that she builds confidence and friendships with other young carers. 

Please help put a smile on a young carer’s face this Christmas.

In the run up to Christmas, we find carers need even more support as many more turn to us at this time of year. Please give generously to our Seasonal Appeal so we can reach anxious, care-worn carers when they turn to us in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

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Thank you for your generosity. Your gift, no matter what size, is truly appreciated.

*Hannah’s story has been adapted slightly and her name and image have been changed to protect her identity, but it is representative of many young carers that we support in the UK.