Following the Secretary of State for Health’s announcement of a £75,000 cap on social care costs, Carers Trust CEO Thea Stein said:
“We are pleased that the UK Government has accepted the principle of a cap on social care costs. However, a cap of £75,000 - more than twice the level  recommended by the Dilnot Commission means that the cap will only benefit a small proportion of those needing care.   
“The increase in the lower threshold for becoming liable for the payment of costs is welcome, as is the decision to fund some of the costs from a freeze in inheritance tax. This acknowledgement that social care is underfunded and that further financial support from central Government is key. 
“However, the focus must not only be on those who may need to sell their houses to pay for care. The quality of care of all who use social care services – disabled adults as well as older people – is crucial if social care is to meet needs for the future, as is making sure they and their carers can rely on a safe and easy to navigate system.”