Commenting on today’s publication of The Mandate for the NHS Commissioning Board, Thea Stein, CEO of Carers Trust, said:

“It is positive that carers issues have been considered within the mandate, but we are disappointed that the draft Mandate’s key focus on carers has been diluted.

“With only one broad measurable objective, we are concerned that the NHS could overlook the need to provide the range of support for carers that we know helps.

“The importance of information and advice for carers is mentioned but this is only part of what carers need. The ability to access specific local support and respite services, and the ability to continue to work or stay in education, are also crucial.

“Carers need to be able to find out what is being provided by their NHS. We would welcome further opportunities to work with the Government and local NHS providers to ensure their services are transparent and accountable.”