Read our joint letter to the Telegraph (with Carers UK, Age UK and Independent Age) in response to comments by Care Minister David Mowat MP to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee on adult social care.

Dear Sir,

We were concerned by your front page story on Tuesday (Care for parents like your children) reporting comments made by the Care Minister to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee hearing on adult social care.  

Most care in this country is provided by families and friends. The cuts in social care and the pressures on the NHS mean that the support services we need to enable us to care and to live with dignity as we age are too often missing – services such as home care and community mental health services.

This is causing huge stress, financial hardship and already forcing over 3 million people to give up their jobs or reduce working hours to care.

It is estimated that by 2030 there will be 2 million over 65 year olds ageing without children, so Government policy can't work on the presumption that all older people have family available to care for them. Indeed, research from the London School of Economics suggests that this is the year we reach a tipping point when the number of older people in need of care will outstrip those of working age people available to provide such care.

The approach to the care crisis must be to look at what family and friends are already doing, the support they need to provide that care and to invest in the care and support services we all need in later life.

Yours faithfully,

Gail Scott Spicer, Chief Executive, Carers Trust

Heléna Herklots, Chief Executive, Carers UK

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director, Age UK

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age